WordPress Auto Updates

The newest release of WordPress, 3.7 “Basie”, has a few new huge features, the biggest one being automatic updates. This feature allows WordPress to apply maintenance and security updates without the site administrator having to do anything. This is a huge feature that will keep WordPress installs up to date to the most recent release, helping out to keep sites as secure as possible. This is especially helpful for those who have had a website built for them on WordPress and don’t want to or are unable to manage updates like this. This new feature also has improved the update process with new checks and safeguards to make the process more reliable and secure.

Another one of the major updates in this release is stronger password recommendations. When creating a new password in your WordPress site, it gives you a visual measure of how strong your password is. Since your password is your sites first line of defense, a strong and secure password makes it more difficult for someone who shouldn’t be from accessing your account.


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