The Listserve and PhotoYOLO

About two years ago I signed up for a daily email list called The Listserve. The Listserve is a daily email lottery, where they choose one person from their ever growing list of subscribers, who then gets to send an email saying whatever they would like to the entire list.

Currently there is 24,751 subscribers from around the world on the list. Daily messages have included personal stories, various tips, random thoughts, positive statements, random thoughts and more. The concept is awesome and I love being able to get a different email, daily, from someone I would never have gotten the chance to hear from. It provides a nice break from the usual set of emails I get daily.

Recently, I was told about PhotoYOLO, which was inspired by The Listserve, but rather than a daily text email, it delivers you a different photo to your inbox from one of the subscribers. The creator Kaitlyn believes a photo in itself can tell a story, and let’s subscribers tell theirs through a photo that they have taken.

I enjoy and look forward to receiving both of these emails daily. So if you are looking for something different and interesting in your email, I would highly recommend subscribing to both of these lists.

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